Loving my job working as a designer wear sales attendant

salesladyI work in a mall in a boutique where I am a saleslady. We sell some of the latest trends in women wear and this makes my work a lot of fun since I get to get some free sample which I wear as a marketing gimmick to subconsciously attract and influence the customers to buy similar attire. I also love fashion and like many women I love dressing up.

My job is also a lot of fun since I get to interact with many different people in a day. In a day I can have more than twenty customers and I find it fun and challenging serving the customers and trying to get as many sales as possible. In my job I have managed to even make many friends. I have had customers who have developed to become great friends.

I am a sociable person and I get along with all kinds of people easily. There are some people who can become quite difficult to deal with but I have a knack of knowing how to go about dealing with them. There are some regular customers who are known to be terrible to deal with and whenever some visit our branch the other sale’s ladies ask me to serve them. They know that I have the best chance of being able to handle them.

Before I started working as a sales lady in the clothes and fashion industry I was working as a secretary in a law firm. I hated the job. I hated having to sit all day in the gloomy dull colored offices where the mood was always so somber. I envied people who worked in jobs that had more life in them. I had made many attempts of getting jobs in alternate places that I deemed more suitable for me but I somehow could not manage to get a new job.

I managed to land the job as a sales lady in the top-tier boutique quite by accident. I happened to one day walk into one of the company’s branch in the state I was living in and there was a promotion. The promotion was on leggings. Coincidentally I was wearing leggings and I happened to have the chance to participate in the promotion draw.

During the process, the manager noticed how well my leggings suited me and he was impressed by my physique. Quite out of hand he mentioned how I would make a good model or a good saleslady. Remembering my desire to change jobs I casually asked if he would hire me to work in the branch. Without missing a beat he said he would.

The next day I quit my job and I was hired to start basic training to work at the branch.

I have been working in the branch for five years and I am hopefully going to be promoted to become the branch manager at the end of the year.

To become successful I have had to maintain a shapely trim physique. I am very careful of what I eat. For example, I got an idea from an immersion blender review of how I could be making smoothies at the workplace and I borrowed the idea. Since then, instead of having junk food for lunch I have a smoothie.