Let’s take a break and consider the importance of what we eat

importance-of-what-we-eatThe food we eat is the source of all that the body needs to thrive. Like any machine, our bodies need fuel to drive its functions and other elements to ensure that the body functions properly. Any machine apart from needing fuel or energy of some kind usually needs additional things such as lubricants and coolers to function. The body too needs additional elements to ensure its smooth operations.

The human body unlike mechanical objects is an organic structure. Organic structures are usually under degeneration processes. To ensure the body is continuously existent, there has to be subsequent regeneration. This regeneration of the fading body parts is usually dependent on proteins, amino acids and vitamins.

The body also needs to continually provide crucial chemical elements that are vital in the digestion process and other bodily actions. As such one also needs different types of vitamins, amino acids and minerals for these. Vitamins, mineral ions, and amino acids are also important for the defense and combating of disease causing organisms in the body.

These nutrients are very important for the body. It is however not very easy to identify their sources. As such it is not always easy to ensure that we include them in our diets. There are however some foods that are known to provide a healthy amount of such elements and this includes foods such as apple cider and other foods that are based on natural greens, herbs, roots, and fruits.

Today people are actively seeking foods that provide specific nutrients that will help their bodies in specific ways. For example there are foods such as white tea and apple cider that are considered as important in helping in the detoxification of the body. These foods are also known in helping manage weight and they are also known to be good for preventing and managing chronic diseases.

As can be seen, these are all foods derived from natural sources. There are however some food supplements that people are today turning to so as to achieve similar results. Today there are numerous pharmaceutical food supplements that are developed technologically. These are basically tablets or capsules that contain greatly condensed and high density nutrients. They are however packed in quantities that are healthy for different kinds of people.

A good example are the pre natal pills that are given to expectant women. These are usually tablets of capsules that contain densely packed nutrients that are otherwise hard to get in our natural food. Some of these pharmaceutical drugs are organic and they do not have the negative side effects that are found in other technologically developed drugs.

To have good health, it is advised that we should try and stick to natural nutrient rich foods. Another example of such foods is the hummus. Hummus is an ancient dish that originated in the Middle East. This dish contains a mixture of elements that contribute to make it a very nutritious diet that is known to provide many health benefits to those who feed on it.