Loving my job working as a designer wear sales attendant

I work in a mall in a boutique where I am a saleslady. We sell some of the latest trends in women wear and this makes my work a lot of fun since I

Let’s take a break and consider the importance of what we eat

The food we eat is the source of all that the body needs to thrive. Like any machine, our bodies need fuel to drive its functions and other elements to ensure that the body

Online Law Schools Not Yet Able To Survive Court Of Public Opinion

Deciding to become a lawyer can be one of the most daunting tasks a person can set for themselves. Becoming a lawyer takes dedication, many years of schooling and long hours of study. If

Former Nursing Students Sue College Over Misleading Accreditation Claims

Anyone who has decided to become a Registered Nurse or a Nurse Practitioner is making a commitment that will take many years of their life just to complete the schooling. Those who are drawn

Student Sues NYU Dental School Over Quota Claims

It takes an individual many years and a substantial amount of money to graduate from dental school. The person that has decided to become a dentist will need to complete the right undergraduate course